“The Rhythm Of Junkanoo Music”

FOCUS:  My focus for writing this blog is to inform people or how Junkanoo instruments are carried out in such a way to produce music and sounds.  I will also be listing off the different instruments that are used in the parade.

How could you not enjoy junkanoo without the sweet sound and feeling of the goatskin drums vibrating through your body. I can’t forget the sounds of the different horns, the blowing of the whistles and he “kalik-kalk-kalk” of the cowbells ringing off. Junkanoo music is a main cultural in the Bahamas it leads to the promotion of Bahamian music. Junkanoo in Grand Bahama consist of New Years Day Parade and Junior Junkanoo Parade. There are other festivals that promotes Junkanoo music that is Goombay, Summer Festival that is held in August and also Rake n Scrape this act is displayed by using two of the traditional instruments which are the drums and handsaws. Many Bahamians attend Junkanoo to feel relax and get in the grove whiles listening to the sweet melody and rhythm from the music. Junkanoo also promoted Bahamian music.

The parade consist of instruments such as:

  • Brass Instruments -trombones,tuba,saxophone, trumpet and the french horn, aka the susie.
  • Percussion Instruments: drums, cowbells, scrapers and whistles

These instruments work together to  produce the most beautiful and rhythmic sound.  the more person participating in the parade in the parade the better the performance will come out.  the brass instruments are carried out by the vibration from the lips and mouth to produce a vocal sound for the music.  The percussion instruments are carried out by either scraping, beating or shaking using the hands.But for most part in order to use a scraper you will need a flat file or screwdriver.

Image result for cowbells and scrapers in junkanoo

“Junkanoo is a celebration. Junkanoo represents the spirit of the Bahamian culture, and it is this spirit, once celebrated with the intensity of the parades in all other aspects of our culture, that will provide the leadership for our society in the future. ”

— Jackson Burnside III, 2009