Needs a Title?? or Is this Practice Only??

Junkanoo costumes have gone through a huge metamorphosis between the 1930’s to present day. Early on in Junkanoo’s history, sponge based costumes were utilized during parades. The costumes then evolved to plain, everyday items such as cloth, newspaper, stones and shrubbery. However, in contrast, the magnificent contemporary costumes of today are tastefully and skillfully crafted out of items such as wire, glue, contact cement, cardboard, and crepe paper to create masterpieces of eye catching colors and sizes. Items such as Styrofoam are also used for more of a three dimensional effect for much larger costumes such as the banners that lead the parades. In addition, beautifully colored accessories such as beads, feathers, and glittery stones are also used to compound the mesmerizing designs and crafting that goes into creating the costumes of today. As a result, “most of the changes in the culture of Junkanoo have been within the area of costuming” (Sands).